Friday, January 27, 2017

View of St. Lazare Railway Station, Paris (BMA)

View of St. Lazare Railway Station, Paris by Norbert Goeneutte was created with oil on canvas in 1887. What I liked about this particular piece were the colors Goeneutte used. He chose very soft colors that to me looked as though the sun was setting and casting the light pinks onto the buildings. The clouds of steam rising appeared to be showing that people were hard at work during this time. I also enjoyed what appears to be a balcony from which the viewer is looking out into Paris in the distance and watching people walk by. Having traveled to Paris before, I found this piece spoke to me because 1887 and Paris now have two completely different perspectives. When arriving at the train station I was seeing business people traveling as well as many others with suitcases who were there for leisure like myself. There were also no clouds of steam surrounding me but instead just many people walking around, taking the metro, and looking down at their cellphones. This piece was interesting to stare at for a while because if you look closely there are people walking and traveling by horse and buggy. This does not happen today and to see his perspective of looking out into Paris vs mine was eye opening to see how time really does change things. 

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