Friday, January 20, 2017

Senior Exhibition - Thread for Thought

During my visit to the Senior Exhibition I found Elena Damon's "Thread for Thought" to catch my eye. She took pictures of people and used threads to create lines around their faces. Many of these lines stem out from the person eyes and forehead. It made me think that she was trying to convey how people are perceiving what is going on around them, what they are taking in, and even how that person may be feeling. There are certain threads that look as though they are going inside the persons' head and others that are coming out of the person. This aspect of the artwork was powerful because you then as the viewer are trying to grasp onto how the person may be feeling. You want to try and go inside their minds and see what they may be glancing at that are causing them to stare that way, or even just what may be on their minds that are causing them to feel pain or happiness.

I thought she did a great job with allowing the viewer to perceive the work how they want to. It gives them a chance to also see how the people they see in their every day lives are viewing life differently than the person standing next to them. Everyone has different worries, opinions and perspectives. The people you see on your daily commute to work every day may not be in a good mood the same day you are. Everyone all over the world are facing different life struggles every day and I think it is important to be able to realize that. To me, that is what this piece of art is showing us: people everywhere viewing life through different sets of eyes and perspectives.

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