Friday, January 27, 2017

Rorschach (BMA)

Andy Warhol's, Rorschach, was created with synthetic polymer paint on canvas in 1984. I am always drawn to Warhol's pieces but this one in particular I did not know was his until I read the description. I initially thought the image looked cool because it reminded me of the inside of a body. When researching more on what the title of this piece of art means, I found that Rorschach is an inkblot test that was used for psychological tests. It is when subjects respond to inkblot images and say what it made them think of. I also had thought it was amazing how well he was able to make this symmetrical, but apparently a technique Warhol used was to create one side of the image and just fold it in half to make it doubled. This image was intriguing to me because the description allowed me to see how much thought and effort Warhol put into this. It isn't just a bunch of inkblots but instead he was putting in his own interpretation of these old tests which one of his assistants had created for this piece. After staring at this painting for a while, I noticed that at about the center there appears to be two eyes looking at you and then a face as it goes further down. I wonder if Warhol intentionally did this to try and make the viewers think more deeply about the image. 

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