Monday, March 27, 2017

The Shape of Time - George Kubler

In "The Shape of Time", George Kubler discusses the aspect that " short tall materials worked by human hands under the guidance of connected ideas developed in temporal sequence"(8). This stood out to me the most because to me it meant that everyone's inspiration comes from what they see and feel in life. Although artists convey these emotions in different variations, they tend to be very relatable. He then goes on to talk about how everyone has a "collective identity". This too a different way of thinking about art and life combined. Everyone does view matters differently based on their culture and where they come from. Having a "collective identity" made me realize that even when art may be challenging to understand, every artist is coming from events that have happened in their lives. Therefore, every viewer has the ability to understand, relate, or sympathize with what the artist was trying to convey even it does not immediately make any sense. Kubler also talked about how a person can shift tradition in order to find a better entrance. He made this point in order to show that not every period of time has to have one specific focus. Artists have the ability to come in and change how art is "supposed" to be done based on their own creativity and emotions.  

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